Sunday, 4 December 2011

GreatBritishBakingClub: Almond Biscotti

GreatBritishBakingClub: Almond Biscotti: I have been wanting to try and make biscotti for a while now, ever since seeing Yasmin Limbert's chocolate pistachio variety on the Great British Bake Off. Biscotti is one of those recipes that I never really thought about trying before, but when I read the method I was really intrigued to see how it worked.

  • 90G Plain Flour
  • half a tsp Baking Powder
  • 55g Sugar
  • 60g Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Almonds roughly chopped. (You could substitute for any nut, fruit or chocolate, feel free to get experimental.)
  • 1 whole Egg
  • half a tsp almond flavouring
The method I used slightly differs from Yasmin's, my first attempt to make them went horribly wrong, it was all the BBC's fault as they changed her recipe on their website so no matter how hard I tried it just wouldn't form a dough! It just formed a weird crumble like dry mixture which wouldn't come together no matter how hard I tried.

Thanks to the Lovely Urvashi on twitter I managed to salvage it and get some pretty delicious results.

I started by roughly chopping the Almonds.

I then combined the sugar, egg and almond flavouring and whisking using an electric whisk until the mixture was light and well combined.

I then added the flour, baking powder and chopped nuts and formed a sticky looking dough. With well floured hands I then plonked the dough onto a lined baking tray and smooshed it into a long log shape.

I baked at 180 for around 25 minutes, until lightly browned.

(I took mine out after 20 minutes, but it probably could of done with that extra 5 minutes)

I then allowed it to cool completely (this is important as it is much easier to cut when cool) and cut horizontally to make the traditional biscotti shape.

They then baked again for 7 minutes, then were flipped over and baked for another 7 minutes.

It may seem faffy in places but it is honestly incredibly easy and they make fantastic edible homemade Christmas gifts, just pop them in a cellophane bag and tie with a nice Christmassy ribbon!

Are you making homemade gifts this year? What are you making?

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